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Minutes of the DVOC
January 6, 2011

Minutes of the DVOC Meeting of January 6, 2011

President Frank Windfelder called the meeting to order at 7:35 PM. Thirty-six members and three guests were present.

The minutes of the December 16 meeting approved as submitted.

Nominating Committee Chair Chris Walters presented the Committee’s slate of nominees for this evening’s election of Officers. The slate is:

Officers (1-year terms)
President: Frank Windfelder
Vice President: Art McMorris
Secretary: Bob Horton
Treasurer: Bert Filemyr

Frank asked if there were any nominations from the floor. There were none. He then asked for a vote from the members for the slate that has been presented. All members present voted in favor of the candidates listed above. There were not any Nay votes.

Frank then announced the two people that were nominated by the Council to hold the position of Councilor. These new Councilors will replace Debbie Beer and Tom Bailey, whose term is expiring. The nominees are:

Councilors (3-year terms):
Connie Goldman
Phil Witmer

Frank asked for a vote from the members for the slate he had presented. All members present voted in favor of the candidates listed above. There were not any Nay votes.

Frank thanked Debbie Beer and Tom Bailey for their service as Councilors.

Frank announced that Council had nominated Linda Rowan and Mick Jeitner as Fellows of the club. Frank asked for a vote of the membership and all nominees received affirmative votes from the membership.

Frank then announced that Council had approved the nomination of Scott Weidensaul to become an Honorary Member. Bert Filemyr had proposed Scott as a candidate for this honor. Frank then asked for a vote from the members. All members present voted in favor of this nomination.



Chair Connie Goldman announced that Council has approved Mike Morrell as a new member. Connie also announced that an application has been received from Judy Stepenaskie.


Chair Phil Witmer announced that the Pennsylvania Game Commission is seeking public input on a draft Bald Eagle Management Plan. Please contact Phil for more information.

Field Trips:

Win Shafer conducted the trip announcements:

Trip Announcements:

Jan 8 Philadelphia Mid-Winter Bird Census, PA Join the 25th annual mid-winter census which highlights the incredible diversity of habitat and species found within our city borders. An average of 92 species are recorded each year including notable rarities.
Keith Russell is the organizer of the census.

Jan 15 – 17 Montauk Long Island, NY A trip over Martin Luther King weekend for winter finches, eiders, scoters, alcids and any Eurasian accidentals. Erica Brendel and Chris Walters will lead this trip.


Art McMorris announced the upcoming programs:

On January 20, Doug Gross will present “Pennsylvania’s Boreal Forest Birds”

On February 3, Kevin Loughlin will present” Belize Birding Bonanza”

On February 17, George Armistead will present “PORNithology: the Birds and the Birds and the Bees”

Dino Fiabane announced the upcoming Ornithological Studies:

On January 20, Phil Witmer will present “A Conservation Conversation”

On February 3, Colin Campbell will present “What will be the next new bird in your state?”

On February 17, Barbara Granger will present “Owls create new lawn decor”


The club has received a thank you letter from Boy Scout Troop 109 of Philadelphia thanking the New Bins for New Birders Committee for the generous donation of 10 pairs of Nikon binoculars.

Bob Horton announced that Versus TV, Channel 60, is carrying Nikon’s Birding Adventures TV show. It is also available at www.birdingadventures.com.

Yoav Chudnoff announced that the Friends of Bulgarian Society for Protection of Birds is sponsoring a Raffle to support the Sinemoretz Biodiversity Project.
1st Prize: Alpen Optics' Teton '84' Professional Birding Binoculars
2nd Prize: Official BSPB T-Shirt
All funds are to be used towards the Biodiversity Project.

Josh Robeson provided flyers for Tony Croasdale’s Brazil Trip. You can get more information from Tony.

Paul Guris announced upcoming pelagic trips. See www.paulagics.com for details.

Vice President Art McMorris announced that the Billings Big Year competition was in progress. The member who sees the most number of species in the DVOC area in 2011 will receive an award of $200.

Debbie Beer announced that the Heinz WMA will be hosting a Kids Birding Trip on Saturday, January 8. If you can assist, please contact Debbie.

Ten members of the Upper Main Line Y participated in the Glenolden CBC.

Debbie Beer reminded members that the DVOC has its own Facebook page and group.

Local Notes:

Linda Rowan saw a Rufous Hummingbird in South Bucks County, PA

Debbie Beer commented on the Northern Wheatear found by Colin Campbell in Delaware. The last one in Delaware was seen in 1957.

Paul Guris noted that three Le Conte’s Sparrows were seen on the Cumberland CBC. In addition, Clay-colored and Lincoln’s Sparrows were also seen.

Nathaniel Sharp commented on seeing a Peregrine Falcon in City Hall in Philadelphia on New Years Day.

Mike Fritz traveled up the New Jersey coast on his way to the meeting today and saw the following:
Manasquan Inlet, Two Red-necked Grebes and a Dovekie
Wreck Pond, Seagirt, Pacific Loon and two Red-necked Grebes
Shark River, Eared Grebe
Seven Presidents’ Park in Long Branch, both crossbills and an adult Black-headed Gull
He also saw a Black-capped Chickadee in Cape May County, NJ on December 30

Win Shafer saw a Long-tailed Duck and a Northern Goshawk on the Glenolden CBC, PA

Treasurer’s Annual Report

Bert Filemyr presented the annual Treasurer’s Report to the club. It was well presented and easily understood.

The annual Trustee’s Report will be presented at a future meeting.

Main Program:

Mary Bowler presented a slide show and talk on a recent field trip by Boy Scout Troop 109 using the binoculars donated to them by the club.


Before adjourning the meeting, Frank thanked Phil and Bonnie Witmer for the work they did in preparing and coordinating the refreshments for this evening. The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 PM. Everyone preceded the lobby for food and refreshments.

Respectfully submitted,

Bob Horton, Secretary