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Minutes of the DVOC
March 3, 2011

President Frank Windfelder called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM. Thirty-five members and nine guests were present.
The minutes of the February 17th meeting were approved as submitted.

Billings Award:
Vice President Art McMorris reported that some questions have been asked about the rules for this award. Any bird can be listed as long as it is within the designated area. Rare birds will need to be documented. The rules that have been published are very specific. Donations are no longer needed to meet the award goals.
Bert Filemyr reported that an application has been received from Chris Brennan of Feasterville. Chris is an avid bird photographer.
Chair Phil Witmer reported on a recent article in the New York Times that discussed the toxic chemicals used in the fracking process used to extract natural gas from the Marcellus Shale deposits in Pennsylvania. Large amounts of wastewater is created which include many toxic chemicals.
Al Bilheimer also mentioned a recent article in the Sierra Club magazine that also described the hazards of this wastewater.

Field Trips:
Chair Win Shafer conducted the trip reports and announcements:
Trip Reports:
February 18 – 23 Eastern Ontario. Win reported on this recent trip he lead. Rough-legged Hawks and a Merlin were seen on Amherst Island, while a Barrow’s Goldeneye was seen at Presqu’ile Provincial Park. Algonquin Provincial Park yielded Spruce Grouse, Boreal Chickadee and a Pine Martin.
February 26 Delaware City, DE. Bert Filemyr reported this trip saw 8 species of ducks and a Peregrine Falcon.
Trip Announcements:
March 12 Barnegat Light and Forsythe NWR, NJ. A trip for members of the DVOC and the Upper Main Line YMCA. Leader is Chris Walters.
March 19 Indian River Inlet and Points North, DE. Leader is Martin Selzer.
Chair Dino Fiabane announced the upcoming Ornithological Studies:
On March 17, Gregg Gorton will present “Looking for Ted Parker.”
On April 7, Frank Windfelder will present “A DVOC Quiz”
On April 21, Hart Rufe will present "Revisiting 'The Bare Truth About Birding Martha's Vineyard’”
Art MCMorris announced the upcoming programs:
On March 17, Richard Crossley will present “Past, Present and Future.”
On April 7, Jack Hubley will present "Man and Raptor: The Falconry Story."
On Apr 21 Dan Kunkle will present “Superfund to Super Habitat.”
The banquet speaker this year will be Kevin Karlson presenting “The birds of Cape May”. The date is November 17.
The annual picnic will again be hosted by the Guris’, at their home on July 9.
Art is looking for some members to present short programs at our summer meetings.
Art introduced Yoaf Chudnoff, who showed a short video on birding in Bulgaria.

Paul Guris announced two upcoming pelagic trips: March 26 from Belmar, NJ, an 8 hour trip, and another trip on March 27 from Freeport, NY.

A Centennial Celebration of the Catoxen Cabin and Witmer Stone is planned for the weekend of September 30 – October 2. Members of the club built this cabin in the early 1900’s along the Rancocas Creek in Medford, NJ. Our club will be one of the sponsors of this event. Bert Filemyr has posted current photos of the cabin on our website.

Local Notes:

Don Jones reported a Redhead as well as Tree Swallows at White’s Bog.

Anita Guris reported a Barnacle Goose, White-fronted Goose and Eurasian Widgeon on Green Lane Lake, PA.

Doris McGovern reported a Raven in Delaware County, DE.

Bert Filemyr reported a Little Gull at Indian River, DE.

Paul Guris reported a Saw-whet Owl at Forsythe NWR, Nj

Bob Horton reported 10 Greater Yellowlegs on February 19 in Heislerville, NJ, as well as an Eastern Phoebe at the Beanery, Cape May, NJ

Mike Fritz reported Piping Plovers at 2 mile Beach, Cape May, and a Brewer’s Blackbird in Salem County, NJ.

Ornithological Study

Dino Fiabane introduced Edie Parnum. Edie presented “Your Backyard is for Birds.”

Main Program
Frank Windfelder introduced Paulo Boute. Paulo presented “Birdwatching in Central West Brazil - A True Bird Paradise!”

The meeting was adjourned at 9:28 PM

Respectfully submitted

Bob Horton, Secretary