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Minutes of the DVOC
October 20, 2011

Minutes of the DVOC Meeting of October 20, 2011
President Frank Windfelder called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM. Thirty -four members and three guests were present.

The minutes of the October 6th meeting were approved as submitted.

Chair Anita Guris announced that Dave Magpiong’s application has been accepted by counsel and he is now a member of the club.
Field Trips:
Bob Horton conducted the trip reports and announcements:
Trip Reports:
October 15 – Ashland Nature Center, DE. Bert Filemyr reported that although there is great habitat in this area, there were few birds, including a few species of warblers and sparrows. They also enjoyed some time at the hawk watch.
October 16 – Tuckerton Marsh, NJ. Frank Windfelder reported that there were high winds on this day, and only one Nelson’s and one Saltmarsh Sparrow were seen. Things greatly improved at the Forsythe NWR, where 80 species were observed.
Trip Announcements:
October 23 – John Heinz NWR, PA. We will look for early waterfowl and late southbound migrants. Leader is Denis Brennan.
October 29 or 30. – Bake Oven Knob, PA. This is a great opportunity to see the southbound hawk migration along the Pennsylvania mountains. Leader is Frank Windfelder.
October 29 – Saw-whet Owl banding with the PA Young Birders at Rushton Farm,Willistown, PA.
November 15 – Saw-whet Owl Banding, Hidden Valley, PA. Visit Scott Weidensaul’s banding station along the Kittatinny Ridge on Second Mountain. Leader is Debbie Beer. This trip is full and has a wait-list.
March 22 – April 2, 2012 – Cuba Birding Trip. Leader is Win Shafer.
Vice President Art McMorris announced the upcoming programs.
On November 3, Emily Thomas will present “Effect of Oil and Gas Development on Songbird Abundance in the Eastern United States”
On November 17, the Annual Banquet featuring Kevin Karlson and Dale Rosselet is scheduled. They will present “The Birds of Cape May”. Bernice Koplin announced that there will be a centerpiece competition and asked that everyone bring a centerpiece to the banquet. She also noted that there will be a cash bar. Anita Guris is collecting slides of club members to be shown at the event. Please send your photos to her.
On December 1, we will hold our annual slide competition. See the website for rules.

Linda Rowan announced that the Witmer Stone signs honoring him and the Witmer Stone Sanctuary would be installed next week along Sunset Drive in Cape May. The State Park will provide the bases for the signs to be mounted. Photos of the signs are on the website.
Al Driscoll reported on the recently released movie, “The Big Year”. He said it was a good movie, but some of the facts were incorrect.
Art McMorris announced, on behalf of member Ted Floyd that the Cape May Fall Birding Weekend is coming up on October 28 to 30. Featured speakers are Ken Kaufman and Ted Floyd.
Art also announced that the ABA has again postponed its convention and is in the process of redesigning it.
Denis Brennan announced that Heinz NWR would feature a Diversity Birding Day this Saturday, October 22
Bob Mercer announced that a Bio Blitz would be held on the Camden Waterfront on October 30 from 2 PM to sunset.
Paul Guris announced there would be a pelagic trip out of Lewes DE on November 19th. Past trips have seen Manx and Great Shearwaters as well as possibly a Great Skua.
Dino Fiabane reported that member, Y.Y. Haung is suffering from lung cancer and back compression problems.

Local Notes:
Frank Windfelder reported a Western Kingbird on October 9 at Pennypack on the Delaware, PA, as well as a Nelson’s Sparrow there on October 18.
Paul Guris reported a Black-capped Chickadee at his feeder in Green Lane, PA.
Mike Fritz reported a Mourning Warbler in his yard in mid-October, as well as a Selasphorus Hummingbird.

Main Program:
Vice President Art McMorris introduced tonight’s speakers, Bill Boyle. Bill presented “Rare Birds in New Jersey: Then and Now”

The meeting was adjourned at 9:42 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Bob Horton, Secretary