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To report a sighting that may be appropriate for posting on the DVOC Listserv contact Bert Filemyr, or Paul Guris. See information below for guidelines.

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Information on the DVOC Listserv List


To provide to members and non-members concise, timely information related to the DVOC and to significant regional bird sightings. This is a moderated list, not a discussion list. The DVOC E-mail List is available to both members and non-members.

Posting Privileges

List administrators (Bert Filemyr, Paul Guris)
Officers of the Club
Other people designated by the list administrators

Message Types

  1. A weekly (Sunday or Monday) digest of information including but not limited to
    • Meetings
    • Field trips
    • Conservation issues
    • Website enhancements
    • Announcements for members
    • Other meetings of possible interest to members.
  2. Rare bird alerts. In most instances, we will do a single posting, giving general information, and a source of details and follow up information.
    • Sightings of most “review” species in PA, NJ and DE. (For example, we would post a message if a Vermilion Flycatcher is in NJ but not post a Rufous Hummingbird since it is an annual occurrence).
    • Sightings of mega rarities in states that are within a drivable distance from the Philadelphia area. (For example a Black-tailed Gull in Vermont.)
  3. News of an unexpected or urgent nature. Two examples are
    • Meeting cancellation due to weather
    • The passing of a member

Administrative issues

  1. The list administrators will be responsible for messages generated on this e-mail list
  2. All members of the club are encouraged to subscribe. New members are automatically subscribed. Subscriptions can be managed via the link above

For many years Frank Windfelder maintained the DVOC e-mail list. His timely updates on hot birds and club activities were greatly appreciated. The Club is indebted to him for his many hours of work maintaining our e-mail system prior to the current e-mail list.

Committee Members

Bert Filemyr – Chairperson
Paul Guris