Daniel Efroymson

Member since: January 12, 2018

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Council: 2020, 2021, 2022

Fellow of the DVOC

While I've been an admirer of the natural world since youth in Philly (E. Mt Airy) and Montco, including a young fascination with raptors, and was a Biology major at LaSalle U, it wasn't until I discovered John Heinz NWR regular bird walks in my late 20s that I truly began to catch the birding bug (credit first walk leader Doris McGovern... bird calls learned on that 1st walk: Yellow Warbler, Song Sparrow). Around the same time I also discovered botany walks at Heinz & Tyler Arboretum, and have pursued both birding / botany in years since, some years more focused on one or the other. In addition to JHNWR I seek out green spaces near home and work in Philadelphia to enjoy birding and botany, including the Wissahickon and Tacony Parks, as well as other area hotspots or lesser known not-so-hot spots. I find my commitment to birding has become more consistent and intense in the last few years, especially as I enjoy this passion with DVOC members in the field, some of whom are among my best of friends. After some gentle prodding from the same, time to finally sign up!