David Moyer

(he, him)

Member since: January 03, 2022


My interest in birding stems from a lab practical that my high school biology teacher assigned. He had us memorize the names of common yard birds. I also remember trips to hawk mountain with family and friends. I found it amazing that the counters were able to identify raptors when they were just coming over the ridge. When in college I would frequently visit Middle Creek in Lancaster county.

But my enthusiasm for birding took off a few years ago when a new neighbor moved in. I found it interesting that he always had a pair of binoculars around his neck even when he was cutting his grass. One day I saw him looking up into our sugar maple so I decided to join him. He was watching ruby and golden crowned kinglets. You may have heard of this ornithologist, Jason Weckstein. Soon Jason convinced me to buy a decent pair of binoculars and a few times a week he would invite me to bird a local park named Shortridge Memorial Park in Wynnewood. I felt fortunate to have a friend that would include me and teach me so much. I’ve been fortunate to have also walked the park with Gregg Gorton. I have seen 122 different species in Shortridge.

I recently retired from teaching chemistry and physics so I hope to do even more birding and keep learning.