Dwight Molotsky

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I have been birding since I was 12 or 13...I am now 74 and still going, especially in the last 8 years since retirement...I am also an avid birding photographer and about 3 years ago have entered the world of Facebook with "Bird of the Day"...I enjoy sharing the joys of birding and their aesthetic rewards...hopefully I can add that joy to the DVOC FB site. For now have been posting once a week for a couple of months now...I preface though, I am a birder 1st, then a photographer...ie I would rather look thru my binocs 1st then the lens of the camera...with that said, my origins started where I was born and raised for my 1st, 19 years, in South Philly...at Thomas Jr High there was a teacher named Jerry Weinstein that had a "birdwatching club" as an elective (or side class) and he would take us out locally and to "far away" places to introduce us city kids to the joy and fun of birds and nature...(to be fair, I must also mention that it also got us out of some other classes of ill interest and originally that's what peaked our interest to begin with...) But what really got "us" (there were 3 other good friends of mine) going was the introduction of Tinicum to us and the meeting of the managers there who took great interest into indoctrinating young city kids into the world of birds & nature...from that we started to go to Tinicum on our own as well as other "birdy" places...we would be on buses, subways and the like sometimes at 5 or 6AM with binoculars around our necks and carrying a bag filled with thermos & sandwiches...we would mostly be at Tinicum every weekend thru all the seasons (except summer, due to camp) and walking from the bus to the "headquarters" was a real treat, especially in the snow...that's when Juncos playing next to Tree Sparrows (which were real plentiful back then) was special...the "headquarters" by the way, was originally, a very small quonset hut in the middle of the dike that fit only about 2 or 3 people (one of which was Jim Carroll) but within that 1st year, I believe, the new Headquarters was built which is now the Observation Deck at Tinicum...I'll leave it there because there is so much more to tell but not on this format. I now reside in Holland, Bucks County Pa and belong to the Churchville Nature Center, Pennypack Bird Club and Bucks County Birders at Peace Valley...my local haunts are Tyler Park, Core Creek Park and the Churchville Nature Center area...My main reason for joining is to bring me back to my origins and I really enjoy your FB page...