Janie Hill

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I'm fourteen years old, in ninth grade. I attend Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA, a public cyber school). I started birding whenever I'd have a field trip at the Heinz National Wildlife reserve (which was pretty often, believe it or not. They were more like little labs than actual field trips), and decided to stick around afterwards. I've been birding for about two years, but only seriously for about 10 months, I'd say. Some my favorite sightings I've had would've been the Common Black Hawk, the Sinaloa Wren, an Elegant Trogon, a Violet-Crowned Hummingbird, and a Golden Eagle, all in Southeastern Arizona in around late-mid March. I have a lifelist of around 215 species, but it hasn't been updated for a little while. I was referred to the DVOC by Matthew Halley at a birding trip.