John Eskate

Member since: June 21, 2021

Hi I’m John Eskate, I grew up in Winslow/Sicklerville, NJ and I have lived in the Mt. Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia since 2011. I work in a Jewish community center in the Bustleton section of Northeast Philly running a Meals on Wheels program and Farm Market.

I’ve been birding since 2011, and it’s due in large part to an early exposure to birds by my mom as a child, but the catalyst that really sparked my interest was a documentary about the World Series of Birding I happened to watch on PBS in 2011 — called “Opposable Chums.” My mom and I did our own unofficial WSOB that year, visiting Cape May and Forsythe NWR, and we’ve unofficially done it every year since.

I’ve just this year 2021 observed over 200 birds in Philadelphia since birding, which I have the COVID-19 pandemic and the BirdPhilly Chatter group to thank for planting my seasonal birding deeper into Philadelphia county rather than NJ where I have observed a lot of my firsts.

I love to bird at work in Northeast Philly — I’ve observed a lot of my Philly firsts at KleinLife. In NJ, I love birding at Forsythe NWR and Brigantine (despite the greenhead flies).