Rebecca Sameroff

Member since: September 05, 2020

Positions and Achievements

Birds became central to the way I enjoy the outdoors when I moved to Alaska in 2010 to work as a sea kayak guide in the Kenai Fjords National Park. The job often involved working to convert whale-fixated customers into fellow bird enthusiasts. The opportunity to train with some inspiring professional interpreters gave me a great deal of respect for the art of wildlife interpretation as a powerful compliment to direct conservation work, inspiring not only excitement and wonder, but critical thinking about how we interact with our natural surroundings.

I've been an avid birder ever since. I only recently moved to Philadelphia from Vermont, where I split my time between policy work for state and local governments and pursuing my love for the outdoors. I served on the board of Audubon Vermont for five years and really honed my birding-by-ear skills in the rich diversity of Vermont's forests and other habitats.

I'm eager to dial into the birding community here in the Delaware Valley and especially in my new home of Philadelphia!