Tykee James


Member since: October 14, 2017

I’m proud that my birding journey started with my first job as an environmental educator my senior year of high school in Philadelphia. Through my initial lessons of Philadelphia park history and racial injustice, I understood how environmental health reflected community health.

This understanding sticks with me today in a number of leadership roles I currently enjoy that support local bird conservation and promote inclusion, diversity, equity, access, and leadership for people of color in the environmental space.

Formerly, I worked as an environmental policy advisor for State Representative Bullock and served as the campaign field director for State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta’s first primary and general election campaign.

I moved to DC in December of 2019 to start my job at National Audubon Society as the government affairs coordinator.

My favorite places to bird are heavily city (Philly) biased, because my homie Tony Croasdale. In my personal time the audio producer for Wildlife Observer Network, a wildlife media project started with some wildlife-friendly friends in Philly including DVOC members Tony Croadale, Holly Merker, Robin Irizarry, George Armistead, and Billy Brown. Additionally, Tykee hosts two podcasts on the network: Brothers in Birding and On Word for Wildlife.

Twitter: @Tykee_James
Instagram: @TykeeJames