Valerie Marshall

Member since: April 13, 2021

Actually, I am a beginner. I have always engaged with the native birds, hummingbirds, butterflies and bees with a variety of feeders on my balcony, in New Jersey. I have a garden of flowers, fruit bushes and vegetables, as well as a bee house.

I frequently walk the trails, (eg. Andorra Meadows, Morris Awboretum, and Awbury Awboretum to name a few), in Philadelphia with my friends, I get soo excited when I see a red-tailed hawk. I had the pleasure of going on a safari trip to South Africa and I was amazed at all the variety and vibrant and brilliant colors. Also, ' a bird and butterfly watch,' in Cost Rico. I was amazed at the wing-span and graceful fluttering of the blue dwarf butterfly, among the amazing and right colors and variety of birds in the rain forest. What an amazing hike it was up the mountain of the understory of the forrest.

I engage every spring in watching the live cam set up at the Eagles nest in Lancaster, Pa. Also, I love watching Cornell University's live cams on!

Gosh! I am so ready and excited to learn more!!!