Vernon LaVia

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I'm a birder of 48 years. Was a member of the DVOC for many years. My dad, John T. LaVia, is a past-President of your club. He died in my arms while birding on Attu. I don't know how or why I let my membership lapse. I was in my 20's when I last birded with Paul & Anita Guris. Granted, I moved away from PA back in 1989, but I remained a member for some years...and then lost touch. I also had West Nile Virus put me in a coma for 9 days and hospital for 40 days back in 2001, and the resulting stroke wiped out some memory banks. But... I just wrote a book & mentioned the DVOC, and wonderfully warm feelings returned. It's being released May 18, 2019, "Make Earth Great Again: earth avoidance & our disappearing connection with Nature"
It stemmed from a TEDx Talk I did in front of 1,000 folks:
I'd love to get on your Program roster. I'm dedicating my life to this issue, via a non-profit company I'm setting up:
Protect the birds and we protect the earth!