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January 4, 2001: - "Annual General Meeting"
Election of office bearers and Council members.
Christmas Bird Count reports
Informal soiree with wine, beer and food.
Minutes of this meeting.

January 18, 2001: - " The effect of climate changes on timing of breeding of the Florida Scrub Jay"
Speaker:- Bob Curry
Minutes of this meeting.

February 1, 2001: - “Megaexpedition to Borneo” –
Speaker:- Doug Weschler, Vireo, Academy of Natural Sciences Philadelphia
Minutes of this meeting.

February 15, 2001: - DVOC Auction of books, pictures and birders' paraphernalia
Auctioneer: Robert Mercer.
Minutes of this meeting.

March 1, 2001: - "Costa Rica"
Speaker: Gary Stiles, Academy of Natural Sciences.
Minutes of this meeting.

March 15, 2001:-"Bird 'Songing': the Ecology of Birds' Songs and Identifying them by Ear."
Speaker: Daniel Edelstein, freelance naturalist and science writer.
Minutes of this meeting.

April 5, 2001: - "How to-REALLY look at birds"
Speaker. Shawneen Finnegan - freelance artist and photographer
Minutes of this meeting.

April 19, 2001: - "Status, Trends and Recovery efforts for the Piping Plover"
Speaker. Alice Doolittle - Delaware Non-game Wildlife Biologist
Minutes of this meeting.

May 3, 2001: -"An avifaunal survey of the Acari Mountains in Southern Guyana"
Speaker. Nate Rice - Curator, Ornithology, the Academy of Natural Sciences. Philadelphia
Minutes of this meeting.

May 17, 2001: -"How DNA helps us see what we don't see when we see birds; examples from cuckoos and flycatchers"
Speaker. Leo Joseph - Ornithologist, Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia.
Leo is a native of Australia where he obtained his PhD on rainforest birds and acquired a special fondness for parrots. After three years post-doc in Uruguay he moved to the Academy where he has been doing research for the past four years. Some of the fruits of his labors will be presented tonight.
Minutes of this meeting.

June 7, 2001: -"Butterflies of New Jersey".
Speaker. Pete Bacinski - Director of Owl Haven Nature Center, NJAS.
Pete graduated from Pace University and did a Master's in entomology at Farleigh Dickinson University and later was awarded an MBA in marketing there. A photographer, filed trip leader and lecturer for 25 years, Pete is as fascinated by insects as by birds.
Minutes of this meeting.

July 5, August 2, September 6, 2001 - informal meetings at the ANS

September 20, 2001 : - "Belize - Little Known Jewel of Central America".
Speaker. Sam Fried, co-founder of Flights of Fancy Adventures, Inc. - a birding and natural history travel company - and past President of the Hartford Audubon Society will present Sam has photographed over 700 species of birds in North America and is a well-known author of article on birds.

October 4, 2001: "Vagrant Birds - the Western Willet"
Speaker. Frank Windfelder, DVOC member, field trip leader, and raconteur. It is hoped that this will be the first in a series of educational and informative seminars on unusual birds in the area.
Minutes of this meeting.

October 18, 2001: "Madagascar - a conservation challenge"
Speaker. Daphne Gemmill "Madagascar-a Conservation Challenge"
Daphne Gemmill, president of Going Birding, Inc., is an accomplished photographer, writer, and editor who has traveled extensively. She has served as president of her local (8,000-member) Sierra Club, and on the boards of directors of the 8,000-member Audubon Naturalist Society, and local bird club. She was editor of the twentieth-anniversary issue of Birding magazine and a bird finding guide to our National Forests. A manager in the environmental field for more than 25 years, Gemmill recently retired from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
Minutes of this meeting.

November 1, 2001: Member's Slide Night
Bring your slides on Bird, Birders, Landscapes, Flora and Fauna. Prizes for the best .
Minutes of this meeting.

November 15, 2001: Annual Banquet
Guest Speaker. Bill Murphy
"The Birds of Trinidad and Tobago"
Bill is presently rewriting his Birder's Guide to Trinidad and Tobago the definitive where to go guide for these bird-rich islands. We are assured of an excellent presentation by the expert in the field. The banquet has been arranged at Williamson's Restaurant at Belmont Ave and City Ave.
Minutes of this meeting

December 6, 2001: "Alien plants: yet another reason to worry"
Speaker: Doug Tallamy Professor, Dept of Entomology and Applied Ecology University of Delaware
Prof. Tallamy received his BS in Biology 1973 at Allegheny College, MS in Entomology at Rutgers and PhD in Entomology at the University of Maryland. He did a Post Doc at Univ. of Iowa under Hugh Dingle before joining the faculty of the University of Delaware in 1981. The focus of his studies have been on behavioral ecology. The invasive plant project has grown out of work by undergraduate Rebeka Baity and supported by the Science and Engineering scholarship program at the Delaware and a grant from Adkins Arboretum.
Minutes of this meeting.

December 20, 2001: DVOC Members. "Memorable Moments in Birding"
Following last years successful Enthrall your audience with a tale or two. long, short old or new...just let Colin Campbell know that you have a tale we would like to hear. Slide projector available for illustrations.
Minutes of this meeting.

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