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Updated Thursday, October 10, 2013
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Graphics on the DVOC Website

The DVOC is always seeking appropriate images for use on our pages. For submission or further information contact

All images on the DVOC website are copyrighted by the individual photographer(s). Copyright permission has been granted by them for use on this website and no further use is permitted. Contact for additional information.

There are four major uses of graphics on the webpages.

1. A rotating set of images on the Welcome Page. (www.dvoc.org)

2. A rotating set of images on the Main Page. (www.dvoc.org/main). This consists of two sets of images"

3. A rotating set of images on the most popular secondary pages such as the pages Field Trips and Meetings.

4. A non-rotating image used as a masthead on various secondary pages (example). This image is changed occasionally. Click Here for further information. (375x95)