A winter pelagic produces shearwaters, various alcids including the possibility of Dovekie, and Great Skua. Winter birding along both sides of the Delaware Bayshore can be great for waterfowl and one can look for Bald Eagle, Rough-legged Hawk, Northern Harriers and Short-eared Owls at dusk from many of the roads that lead to the Delaware Bay marshes

  • Forsythe NWR “Brigantine”, NJ

    Waterfowl are numerous in winter and there is often the chance for Short-eared Owl and other raptors.
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  • FDR Park, Philadelphia

    This small park can produce good numbers of waterfowl including Pied-billed Grebe, Gadwall, American Wigeon, Bufflehead, Ring-necked Duck and even Canvasback.
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  • Pelagic off of New Jersey

    Winter pelagic birding can be great if the weather cooperates with lots of birds to sort through. Trips are often scheduled in early December and again in March or April. These trips are the best place to find alcids, as well as hard to get birds for our area like Fulmars and Kittiwakes and a whole host of other possibilities.

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