The beginning of the month generally sees large numbers of robins migrating south as well as the largest and the rarest of raptors, the eagles and Goshawk. This month is often when most of the Cape May rarities show up, every year bringing something different, but birds like Ash-throated Flycatcher and Cave Swallow are found every year. Check some of those lesser-birded places like Two Mile Beach Unit of the Cape May NWR, Rea Farm, Cape May Point State Park, and Hidden Valley.

  • Hawk Watches

    The Hawk Watch changes tempo again this month with the large buteos dominating the count now. This is the month for Red-tails, Red-shouldered, Goshawk, and Golden Eagle.

  • Conowingo Dam, MD

    The numbers of Bald Eagle (20-40) peak around Thanksgiving and the end of the month.
    Conowingo Dam webpage
    eBird Hotspot

  • The Sea Watch in Avalon, NJ

    Peaks in November with some really huge days. Scoters can be counted in the tens of thousands, and White-winged Scoter start to move this month. Jeagers, loons and even alcids are possible there too..
    Avalon Seawatch webpage
    eBird Hotspot

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