Members at an annual meeting elect the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Editor is appointed by Council.

Current Officers
President - Barb Bassett
Vice President - Navin Sasikumar
Secretary - Nilesh Shah
Treasurer - Martin Dellwo
Editor - Holger Pflicke



"The Council shall consist of the elected officers and members-at-large of Council, the Editor, and the last preceding President for two years following the end of service as president. The Council shall transact all business of the Club, except the elections of officers and members of Council." (from the Constitution / ByLaws)

Current Councillors
Victoria Sindlinger, Patrick McGill (to January 2025)
Linda Rowan, Karyl Weber (to January 2026)
Tanya Burnett, Peter Hamner (to January 2027)

Immediate Past President - Gregg Gorton


Honorary Members and Fellows

List of Honorary Members and Fellows

(From the DVOC Constitution)
"Ornithologists who have attained special prominence in their ornithological work may be chosen at the annual meeting to be Honorary Members of the Club."

(From the DVOC Constitution)
"Fellows shall be chosen ......from among the Active Members of at least one year's standing as a recognition of the high quality of their ornithological work."