Karyl Weber

Member since: January 14, 2020

Positions and Achievements

Birding was a childhood addiction, starting in a woodland setting along the Hudson River. Since around 2000, proximity to the John Heinz Refuge has afforded an almost too-convenient place to sharpen my skills, meet some rare talents and encourage novice birders, so I strive to balance it with other local outings. Now the excellent talks offered by the DVOC have captivated me.
Both in childhood and since, all aspects of a lively ecosystem have had the power to intrigue me (while out birding, I may pause to scrutinize anything from insect activity to bones to scat). At Heinz I volunteer in the effort to combat invasive plants, mindful that optimizing birds' habitat and food sources is of urgent concern.
My recent birding has been largely in PA, NJ and DE with just a few ventures out west, down south or abroad. I'll always take great delight in expanding and deepening the pursuit, especially in knowledgeable company.