Unfortunately, we will not hold our annual banquet this year. Even if pandemic restrictions are lifted, there is not enough time for our Banquet Committee to make all the arrangements required. And frankly, we probably wouldn’t get enough attendance to make the effort worthwhile.

Banquet 2019

Where: Sheet Metal Workers International Association, 1301 S Christopher Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA
When: November 21st at 6.30pm

Join us for another year of food and fun at our Annual Banquet & Art Show! This year’s event will feature ABA President Jeff Gordon as our speaker. All are welcome to attend, and artists of all levels are encouraged to bring an original piece to display in the pop-up art show. Questions?

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Speaker: Jeff Gordon
It’s Too Late to Stop Now: Sharing the Gospel of Birding in the 21st Century

The American Birding Association, founded in 1969, is celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2019. Join ABA President Jeffrey Gordon for a celebration of the power of birding to heal and transform, not only our own lives but even our world.

Jeff will share some of the highlights of the ABA’s first half century and from his own 40+ years as a birder. But most of all, he will talk about the path to 2069 and how we advance boldly toward making the world a better place for the birds and birders who will follow us.

Join us for a humorous, heartfelt, and opinionated look at the joys, virtues and occasional frustrations of a life spent birding, the road we’ve traveled together, and what lies ahead.

Jeffrey Gordon is the president of the American Birding Association, a position he has held since late 2010. Jeff is also a well-known writer, photographer, tour leader, and naturalist. He is a frequent speaker and field trip leader at various birding and nature festivals. He is a DVOC member and has helped support Bird Philly as a rider on our World Series of Birding team. For more information on the ABA and on Jeff, visit


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  1. Herb-Stuffed Chicken w/ Mango and Fire-Roasted Red Peppers
  2. Fresh Grilled Vegetable Plate w/ Eggplant, Peppers, and Asparagus (Vegan)
  3. Roast Beef
  4. Blackened Ginger Catfish

Includes Mixed Green Salad w/ Champagne Vinaigrette, Herb-Roasted Potatoes,
Grilled Broccolini, and Mango Mousse Cake w/ Berries or Vegan Fruit Plate

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Parking is free.

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Past Speakers

2019 Jeff Gordon It’s Too Late to Stop Now: Sharing the Gospel of Birding in the 21st Century
2018 Kevin Karlson & Pete Dunne Birds of Prey
2017 Neil Hayward Lost Among the Birds
2016 Katie Fallon Coffee, Coal, and Cooperation: Saving the Cerulean Warbler
2015 Pat and Clay Sutton Reflections of DVOC
2014 Katrina van Grouw A Very Fine Swan Indeed: Art, Science and
‘The Unfeathered Bird’
2013 Bill Thompson III The Perils and Pitfalls of Birding
2012 Stephen
W. Kress
Restoring Endangered Seabirds: Lessons from
Puffins and Terns
2011 Kevin Karlson and Dale Rosselet “The Birds of Cape May”
2010 Scott Weidensaul “Messing Around with Birds (for Fun
and Science)”
2009 Rick Wright “The Most Beautiful of the Whole Beautiful
Lot: Wood Warblers of the American Southwest”
2008 Pat and Clay Sutton “Birds and Birding at Cape May (a Bird
Walk Through Time)”
2007 Don Kroodsma “The Singing Life of Birds”
2006 Pete Dunne “25 Things That Have Changed Birding”
2005 Michael Male and Judy Feith “Bitter Lake NWR”
2004 Dr. Carl Safina “Eye
of the Albatross: Visions of Hope & Survival”
2003 Kenn Kaufmann “Birds and the Undiscovered
Scott Weidensaul
the Dead: The Search for Lost Species.”
Bill Murphy
Birds of Trinidad and Tobago”
Kevin Karlson
the Love of Birds”
Julio de
la Torre
of North America”
Peter Mathiessen
of the World”
Bird Photographer
Steve Hilty
and Realites in the American Tropics”
Noel Snyder
of the Thick-billed Parrot”
Debra Love
the Seasons: An Introduction to the Seabirds and Marine Mammals of Monterey
Dr. Jerome
Endangered Woodpeckers: The Ivory-billed and the Red-cockaded”
Peter Alden
Antartica and Patagonia”
– Birding Opportunities”
Paul Butler
RARE Center
for Tropical Bird Conservation
Emile De
and Conservation in Costa Rica”
Birds of Prey”
Ray Davis
Birds “
Jim Brett
David’s Spring to Wadi Qelt: A Naturalist’s Isreal”
Armas Hill
in Brazil”
1984 Pete Dunne Ornithological Traditions of
Cape May
1983 Daniel Roby “Birds of the Falklands
and South Georgia”
1982 Len Soucy  
1981 Armas Hill California Birding
1980 Ben King “Birds of Asia”
1979 Dr. Kenneth C. Parkes “Birdwatcher at a Rusty
1978 John C. Yrizarry “Birds of Tikal”
1977 Dr. George Gee Endangered Species Program
1976 Richard A. Rowlett Sea Birds and Mammals off the
Atlantic Coast
1971 Dr. Peter Paul Kellogg Bahama Birds and Bird Songs
1970 Dr. Charles Wurster The Impact of DDT

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