Anita Guris

Positions and Achievements

Council: 2014, 2013, 2012, 2004, 2003, 2002

Fellow of the DVOC

Life Member

Birding for me, is a love of the ART produced by Mother Nature. My love of art and all things aesthetically pleasing expanded to birds on a long weekend trip over Thanksgiving in 1987, when I traveled with Paul (my then boyfriend, now husband). Paul pointed out an American Kestrel that had captured a Vole, and took it up to an electrical wire to eat it while we were dining in a restaurant in Newburyport, MA. That lunch with the Kestrel changed my life. I was smitten with the incredible beauty and spectacular agility of this small bird of prey.
This first glimpse of the addiction that is birding was followed by a chase for rare birds with Paul, the late Serge LaFrance, and Bill Stocku to Texas. Some of my fondest moments have been shared with DVOC members birding, on trips locally, and also to Texas, Michigan, Arizona, and to Belize. Although See Life Paulagics takes me out to see seabirds that I love, birding trips with the addition of a bit of natural history are my favorite types of adventures like visiting the Mayan ruins at Caracol.

My favorite birds are owls and hummingbirds. Saw-whets remind me of the gentle and compassionate nature that I try to personify. The energy of hummingbirds is reminiscent of my own in years past.

Although I have M.C.T.D. (Mixed Connective Tissue Disease), S.L.E. (Lupus), and a multitude of other illnesses which limit my abilities to a large degree, I remain positive and try to live my life to the fullest. Birding when I can and being a part of this great organization is a source of uplifting pride and encouraging camaraderie. I am delighted to be a part of DVOC and plan to continue to be as active a club member as my health and time permits.

As a former Membership Chairperson, and current member of the committee, I concentrate on welcoming potential new members into the club, and to make them feel comfortable. My passion for birding and the DVOC makes this an easy endorsement.

Finally, as a woman of color, I think it is important to maintain as diverse a membership within the club, as there is diversity in our society. Birding is yet another tie that binds us all, without barriers. I am pleased to see the diverse ethnic makeup of our club and hope that it continues to follow the social guideposts we all hold dear.