• Since 1890, the DVOC has published an ornithological record of the Delaware Valley region: a journal that was named Cassinia in 1900, to honor the great Pennsylvanian ornithologist John Cassin (1813–1869). The current editor of Cassinia is Matthew R. Halley.

    The DVOC is proud to offer the complete Cassinia archive below, now 126 years in the making. PDF files can be downloaded by clicking on the article titles.

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Several indexes are available for the Abstracts and the Cassinias. Entries for Number 1 (1890-1891) to Number 63 (1988-89) were prepared by Frank and Barb Haas, Bob Mercer and Chris Dooley at the time of the 100th anniversary of the Club. These indexes have been updated to Number 70 (2002-2003) by Lynn Jackson. This index has been further updated to reflect Number 71, 72 and 73 (2004-2009).

Alphabetical Table of Contents 1890-2009
Cassinia Title / Subject Index
Cassinia Author Index
Cassinia General Notes Index
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While the above indexes are useful, more complete, more accurate indexes were published in Cassinias.
An Index to Cassina Numbers 1-52 was published in Cassinia Volume 53
An Index to Cassinia 1890-1990 was published in Cassinia Volume 63
An Addendum to Index to Cassinia, Numbers 64-68 was published in Cassinia 68

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Cassinia Number 78 — (2019-2020)
Published January 25, 2023
Holger Pflicke – Editor

Front Cover, designed by Katrina Rakowski, inspired by the original 1901 cover by A. M. Githens.
Inside Front Cover
Table of Contents

Message from the President
by Linda Widdop (page 3)

Peregrine Falcons in Pennsylvania: Restoration of an Icon
by F. Arthur McMorris (pages 4-13)

The Philadelphia Breeding Bird Census of 2020
by Matthey R. Halley (pages 14-45)

Common Ravens and Peregrine Falcons in Bucks County: Old Rivals in a New Location
by Karen Rankin-Baransky (pages 46-54)

The “Self-Portrait” of John James Audubon Is a Copy
by Matthey R. Halley (pages 55-59)

Birds as Ecological Indicators at the University of Pennsylvania
by Chloe Cerwinka (pages 60-74)

Some Primary Sources Relating to the Oölogical Collection of J. Hoopes Matlack

by Matthey R. Halley (pages 75-82)

Notes from the Field
Pacific-Slope Flycatcher at Palmyra Cove
by Tom Bailey (page 83)

Long-Staying Harris’s Sparrow in Bucks County
by Anne Edwards (pages 83-84)

Lifer Snow Buntings in Sussex, Delaware
by Victoria Sindlinger (pages 84-85)

Clapper Rail Along the Delaware River in Philadelphia
by Adam Zahm (pages 85-86)

Vermilion Flycatcher at John Heinz NWR
by Daniel Kalamarides (pages 86-87)

A Touch-and-Go Sabine’s Gull at Green Lane Reservoir
by Paul Heveran (pages 87-88)

Short-Eared Owl on the Deck
by Jeff Wahl (pages 88-89)

First Record of Tundra Bean-Goose (Anser serrirostris) in Pennsylvania
by Robert Fergus (pages 89-91)

The Remarkable Allen’s Hummingbird
by Debbie Beer (pages 91-92)

Brood Parasitism
by Ethan Kang (page 93)

Barbara Haas
by Franklin Haas (pages 94-97)

Bill Stewart
by Holly Merker (pages 97-99)

Alfred Driscoll
by Donald Jones (pages 100-101)

Barbara Granger Jaffe
by Matthew R. Halley (pages 101-102)

Abstracts of the Proceedings (2019–2020)
by Barb Bassett, Gregg Gorton, and Holger Pflicke (pages 103-130)

Cassinia Number 77 — (2017-2018)
Published September 1, 2020
Matthew R. Halley – Editor

Front Cover, designed by Katrina Rakowski, inspired by the original 1901 cover by A. M. Githens.
Inside Front Cover
Dedication and Table of Contents

The Philadelphia Breeding Bird Census of 2018
by Holger Pflicke (pages 5-26)

The Theft of Morton’s Hawk, Now Known as Harris’s Hawk
by Matthew R. Halley (pages 27-33)

The Cassin Homestead
by Graceanna Lewis (pages 34-39)

Digitizing the Papers of Graceanna Lewis, Ornithologist and Activist
by James E. Truitt (Pages 40-41)

Twenty-six Years of Breeding Bird Records from the Pennypack Preserve
by David J. Robertson, Joshua A. Bruce, and Michael Coll (pages 42-50)

Locating the First Three Sets of Witmer Stone’s Bird Studies at Old Cape May
by Bill Uhrich (pages 51-58)

Franklin Red-tails: Lessons Learned After 10 Years and Counting
by Carolyn Card Sutton (pages 59-65)

Tinicum’s Most Famous Bird, 40 Years Later: An Homage to Johnny Miller (1939–2009)
by Gregg E. Gorton (pages 66-72)

John C. Miller (1936–2009)
by Doris McGovern (page 73-75)

Samuel J. Orr, Jr. (1936–2019)
by Anthony W. Croasdale (page 75-76)

Roger K. Conant (1930–2015)
by Holly Merker and Rob Megraw (pages 76-77)

Stephen R. Lawrence (1921–2012)
by Peter Hughes, Keith Russell, Paul Good, Bernice Koplin, Erica Brendel (pages 78-79)

Abstracts of Proceedings (2017-2018)
by Linda Widdop and Gregg E. Gorton (pages 80-107)

Cassinia Numbers 74-75 2010-2013
David B. Long – Editor


In Search of Witmer Stone
by Mick Jeitner and Linda Rowan (Page 5)

Bartram’s Painted Vulture: A Bird Deserving Recognition
by Noel F. R. Snyder and Joel Fry (Page 18)

Highlights of Pennsylvania’s Second Breeding Bird Atlas for the Piedmont
by Daniel Brauning and Andy Wilson (Page 38)

Discovered! The First Engraving of an Audubon Bird
by Robert M. Peck and Eric P. Newman (Page 44)

Lehigh Gap: A Story of Degradation and Reclamation
by Corey C. Husic (Page 54)

Bucks County Audubon: Then and Now
by Philip Witmer (Page 57)

Unusual Birds from an Unusual Storm
by Armas Hill (Page 60)

Updating the Life and Death of A. L. Heermann
by Joel Weintraub (Page 63)

Sexual behavior of Tufted Titmice in the Mid-Atlantic Piedmont and Southern New Jersey
by Matthew R. Halley (Page 66)

Birding’s Last Frontier: The Ocean
by Tim Sterrett (Page 71)

Birding Manitoba’s Boreal Forest Mosaic of Blue
by Jeff Wells (Page 79)

Bob Billings Big Year Award (Page 85)

Bert Filemyr Honored with the DEVOC Award
by Art McMorris (Page 87)

Sightings (Photo Gallery)
by Stephen Kerr (Page 89)

The Nicaragua Connection
by Diane Allison (Page 105)

The Birds of Five Mile Woods
by David B. Long (Page 108)

Some Thoughts About Strays, Exotics, and Other Rare Visitors
by Howard B. Eskin (Page 111)

DVOC Constitution and By-laws (Page 116)

Alfred Kronschnabel by Frank Winfelder (Page 120)
August Sexauer by Don Jones (Page 121)
Freda Rappaport by Scott McConnell (Page 124)
Kate Brethwaite by Scott McConnell (Page 125)
William R. Stocku by Anita Guris (Page 126)

General Notes (see Contents Page for specific articles – Page 129)

Abstracts of Proceedings (2010–2013)
2010 by Robert Horton (Page 157)
2011 by Robert Horton (Page 163)
2012 by Steve Kacir (Page 167)
2013 by Steve Kacir (Page 174)

Membership Directory
(Due to concerns about confidentiality, Membership Directories after 1970 are not posted online)

Cassinia Number 70 2002-2003
F. Arthur McMorris – Editor

Front Cover
Inside front cover, Inside back cover
Note from the Editor
by F. Arthur McMorris (page 3)

Observations of Birds in Northeastern Delaware During Early November 1973-2003
by Richard C. Bell (pages 4-10)

Wilson, Audubon, Ord, and a Flycatcher
by Jeff Holt (pages 11-21)

Notes on Audubon’s “Mystery” Birds
by Jeff Holt (pages 22-24)

The Uncommon Snipe
by Jane Henderson (pages 25-26)

Birding at Home in October 2003
by Frank Windfelder (pages 27-29)

Discovery of the Common
by Jeff Holt (pages 30-33)

Sightings (Photo Gallery)
edited by Steve Kerr (pages 34-36)

Delaware Big Days 2003
by Colin Campbell (pages 37-46)

A Birder Reflects on Names
by Bradford F. Whitman (pages 47-50)

Charles A. Wonderly
by Jane Henderson (pages 51-52)

General Notes (pages 53-57)

Abstracts of Proceedings 2002- 2003
by Chris Walters (pages 58-61)

Membership Directory
(Due to concerns about confidentiality, Membership Directories after 1970 are not posted on line)

Cassinia Number 55 1974-1975
Issued July 1975 / James K. Meritt – Editor

Inside Cover / Back Inside Cover

Birds of the Pocono Mountains, 1955-1975
by Phillips M. Street (Pages 3-16)

The 1973 and 1974 Autumn Hawk Counts at Bake Oven Knob, PA
by Donald S. Heintzelman and Robert MacClay (Pages 17-28)

Changes in the Birdlife of Princeton, N.J.
by Charles F. Leck (Pages 29-32)

Some Declining Bird Species of Southeastern Pennsylvania
by Keith C. Richards (Pages 33-36)

General Notes (Pages 37-41)

Abstracts of Proceedings (Pages 42-44)

Cassinia Number 50 1966-1967
Albert E. Conway – Editor

Cover, Inside Cover, Inside Back Cover
Contents (Page 1)

Ornithological “Mystery” Song Given by Make Virginia Rail
by George Reynard and Steven T. Harty (Pages 3-8)

A Possible Hybrid Between the Canada Goose and the Pink-footed Goose
by Charles F. Lack (Pages 9-11)

Nelson DeWitt Pumyea
by John F. McIlvain (Pages 12-14)

Number of Eggs and Young of Bald Eagles in Four Middle Atlantic States
by Frederick C. Schmidt (Pages 15-17)

Field Notes
by James K. Merritt (Pages 18-30)

Abstracts of Proceedings
by Joseph A. Jacobs (Pages 31-34)

Membership Directory (Pages 35-39)

Cassinia Number XLV 1960 (Issued December 1961)
Lester S. Thomas – Editor

Inside Covers

The Ornithology of the Ancients
by Paul W. Schwable (pages 3-8)

Notes on the Lesser Black-backed Gull in North America
by Frederick V. Hebard (pages 8-9)

Suspected Dusky Redshank at Tinicium
by H. G. Alexander (pages 10-12)

Edward Woolman
by Lester S. Thomas (page 12)

Heritage (pages 13-14)

From the Club Library (pages 15-17)

Field Notes
by Paul Schwable (pages 18-23)

Abstracts of Proceedings
by Alan Brady (Pages 24-26)

The Commonness of the Unusual
by A. B. Rafinesque (page 27)

Club Notes (page 28)

Cassinia Number XL 1952-1953 (Issued January 1945) – This issue was mistakenly listed as XXXIX on the Contents Page.
C. Chandler Ross – Editor

Cover, Inside Cover

Contents Page (Page 1)

Birds of Bucks County Pa.
by Lester Thomas (Pages 2-26)

Nesting Mockingbirds in the Lower Delaware Valley
by George B. Reynard (Pages 27-32)

General Notes (Pages 33-39)

Abstracts of Proceedings 1953 (Pages 40-43)

Cassinia Number XXXV – 1945 (Issued June 1946)
Ernest A. Choate – Editor

Cover, Inside Cover, Inside Back Cover

Frontispiece – Witmer Stone on His Seventieth Birthday
by Conrad Roland

Four Days with J. Fletcher Street
from the Journals of J. Fletcher Street (Pages 1-11)

A Whitman Ornithology
by Courtland Y. White (Pages 12-22)

Shorebirds Along the Delaware
by Edward Manners (Pages 23-34)

Night Life in a Marsh
by R. L. Haines (Pages 35-36)

Field Notes Compiled
by C. Chandler Ross (Pages 37-41)

Abstracts of Proceedings Compiled
by Joseph M. Cadbury (Pages 42-45)

Membership List As of January 17, 1946
(Pages 46-50)

Cassinia Number XXV – 1922-1924 (Issued February 1926)
Wharton Huber – Editor

Cover, Inside Cover

George Spencer Morris
by Witmer Stone (Pages 1-5)

Isaac Norris DeHaven
by Witmer Stone (Pages 6-9)

A Season’s Study of Some of our Water Birds
by Jullian Potter (Pages 10-20)

Report of the Spring Migration of 1922-24
(Pages 21-52)

Abstract of the Proceedings of the DVOC for 1922-24
(Pages 53-66)

Bibliography 1922-24
(Pages 67-76)

Club Notes
(Pages 77-78)

Officers and Members of the DVOC 1926
(Pages 79-84)

Cassinia Number XX – 1916 (Issued March 1917)
Spencer Trotter – Editor

Cover, Inside Cover

William Turnbull
by Spencer Trotter (Pages 1-6)

Some Rare and Unusual Birds in Upper Philadelphia
by Henry W. Fowler (Pages 7-13)

Unusual Nesting Site of the Least Bittern, at Camden, N.J.
by Julian K. Potter (Pages 14-17)

Bird Life About Samar, Southern Clinton Co., Pa.
by Thomas D. Burleigh (Pages 18-23)

Report on the Spring Migration of 1915
by Witmer Stone (Pages 24-41)

Abstract of the Proceedings of the DVOC for 1916
by J. Fletcher Street (Pages 42-46)

Club Notes
(Pages 47-49)

Bibliography 1916
(Pages 50-51)

List of Officers and Members of the DVOC 1917
(Pages 52-56)

Index to Species
(Pages 57-58)

Cassinia Number XV – 1911 (Issued February 1912)
Robert Thomas Moore – Editor

Cover, Inside Cover

Constantine F. Rafinesque as an Ornithologist
by Samuel N. Rhoads (Pages 1-12)

The Frontier of the Carolinian Fauna in the Lower Delaware Valley
by Spencer Trotter (Pages 13-18)

The Center Furnace Swamp
by Richard C. Harlow (Pages 19-23)

Recollections of the Passenger Pigeon
by Herman Behr (Pages 24-27)

The Summer of Fire and Bird Adaptation
by Cornelius Weygandt (Pages 28-34)

Down the Pokomoke
by George Spencer Morris (Pages 35-39)

General Notes
by John Dryden Kuser and Robert P. Sharpless (Pages 40-41)

Report of Spring Migration for 1911
by Witmer Stone (Pages 42-61)

Abstract of the Proceedings of the DVOC for 1911
by J. Fletcher Street (Pages 61-66)

Club Notes
(Pages 67-69)
Francis W. Rawley [Obituary] Ernest M. Evans [Obituary]

Bibliography for 1911
(Pages 71-74)

List of Officers and Members of the DVOC 1911
(Pages 75-78)

Index to Species
(Pages 79-80)

Cassinia Number X – 1906 (Issued February 1907)
Witmer Stone – Editor

Cover, Inside Cover

William Bartram
by George Spencer Morris (Pages 1-9)

A Study of the Solitary Vireo
by Cornelius Weygandt (Pages 10-15)

Summer Birds of Western Pike County, Pennsylvania
by Richard C. Harlow (Pages 16-25)

The Concordville Robin and Grackle Roost
by Samuel C. Palmer (Pages 26-29)

A June Trip to Pocono Lake, Monroe County, Pennsylvania
by John D. Carter (Pages 30-34)

Winter Bird Life in the Pocono Mountains
by William L. Baily (Pages 35-39)

Report of Spring Migration of 1906
by Witmer Stone (Pages 40-56)

City Ornithology (Page 57)

Abstract of the Proceedings of the DVOC for 1906 (Pages 58-64)

Bibliography 1906 (Pages 65-67)

Bird Club Notes (Pages 68-69)

List of Officers and Members of the DVOC 1907 (Pages 70-73)

Index to Species (Pages 75-76)

Cassinia Number V – 1901
Witmer Stone – Editor

Cover, Table of Contents

John Cassin
by Witmer Stone (pages 1-7)

Observations on the Summer Birds of Parts of Clinton and Potter Counties
by Francis R. Cope (pages 8-21)

Photographing a Nighthawk’s Nest and Young
by William L. Baily (pages 22-23)

A Walk in the Paoli Pine Barrens
by William J. Sherrill (pages 24-27)

The Yellow-winged Sparrow in Pennsylvania
by Samuel Wright (pages 28-31)

Trespassing of the Rose-breasted Grosbeak in the Carolinian Fauna
by William B. Evans (pages 32-34)

Nesting of the Mockingbird in Eastern Pennsylvania
by W. E. Roberts and W. E. Hannum (pages 35-36)

A Spring Migration Record for 1893-1900
by Frank L. Burns (pages 37-39)

The Spring Migration in 1901 (pages 40-43)

Birds That Struck the City Hall Tower During 1901 (page 44)

Abstract of the Proceedings of the DVOC 1901 (page 45-52)

Bird Club Notes (pages 53-54)

List of Officers and Members of the DVOC 1902 (pages 55-58)

Index (pages 59-60)