Robert Karchnyak

Member since: January 24, 2021

I live in South Philly with my wife, Nicole, and cat, Mojo. I have lived in the area pretty much my whole life, born in Glenolden. I became interested in birds at about ten years-of-age when I spotted a Northern Flicker in the backyard of my Uncle's house in Warminster, Pa. I was awestruck with it as it flew from the ground to a nearby tree. In response to this moment my mom purchased an Audobon field guide in order to identify it. From there I maintained a casual appreciation of all things avian. A few years back this casual interest transformed into a more dedicated hobby. I tend to stay close when birding, and most of my time has been spent at FDR . Outside of birds I enjoy cooking, bad horror films, listening to a wide range of music, reading non-fiction books, and wasting my time with video games. I am also a current student at Rosemont College, where I am slowly earning my Bachelor's degree.