Barb Bassett

Member since: January 01, 2014

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President: 2024
Vice President: 2022, 2023
Secretary: 2020, 2021
Council: 2017, 2018, 2019

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As a child, my mother was always feeding the birds (and still does today) so I was introduced to the backyard birds at an early age. My best friend in high school was a birder and took me to Brigantine. I had been going to Cape May for many years and even worked there several summers. However, the birding bug did not hit me until my later years. It wasn't until my daughter started asking "what's that bird" that I became hooked. Since then, I started birding whenever I could. It was fun to learn all the species with both my children. I have birded mainly in the US but also a bit in Spain, Malaysis, France and Germany when I wasn't working. Depending on my schedule, I typically would get an hour or so before I needed to be at work. On longer trips, I'd try to stay an extra day. I've called NJ home most of my life and spend my birding time mainly between Gloucester County, Cape May County, and anything in between. Several times I have participated in the World Series of Birding at the state, county, and local level. For the past ten years or so, I've volunteered for NJ Audubon in various capacities. Recently I've become an Associate Naturalist.