Catoxen Cabin

There are three pictures of the Catoxen Cabin published in the 1908 Cassina. Two are exterior pictures and one is an interior picture. One of the exterior pictures includes Witmer Stone and two unidentified other people. These two other people appear to be female which is unusual because at that time the DVOC was stricly a male organization. Perhaps they were just visiting the cabin when it was not being used for a DVOC outing.

We have made an attempt to match these three historical pictures with pictures taken from the same locations in 2011. Below these matched images are additional images from 2011.


View #1 Early 1900s

View #1 2011

View #2 Early 1900s

View #2 2011

View #3 Early 1900s

View #3 2011

Additional 2011 Photos

Catoxen Cabin Historical Maps

Club member Don Jones has done some research on historical maps regarding the location of the Catoxen Cabin

Here is a 1898 topographic map of the area. Note that Route 70 had not been constructed in those days.

Here is a 1876 atlas that shows the location of the cabin and landowners at that time. Colored lines are roads that still exist today except the purplish pink ones that are now the trails one uses at the Hawkins Road birding location.