January 06, 2022    
7:00 pm

Event Type

Since the leadership of the club still feels strongly that it is not safe to re-start our beloved in-person meetings, this will be yet another virtual event, so–you know the drill!–please register in advance for this meeting:



Brief Summary:

The meeting will be called to order by our outgoing President, Linda Widdop, and after some brief comments she will introduce Art McMorris, who will conduct the annual election of new officers and councilors. Then, Gregg Gorton (presuming he is elected) will make some comments and then introduce new Fellows and Honorary Members. Then there will be the annual Treasurer’s Report and some other club business, at the conclusion of which our speaker will be introduced.

We are honored yet again to have Bert Filemyr, our unofficial Club Historian and also a DEVOC, give an overview of the relationship between the DVOC and women. Reaching back to 1890, this presentation will take us through how the successive generations of members dealt with the issue of whether the club should remain all-male, or not, culminating in a landmark decision in 1982 to open membership to women. In the forty years since then…

Brief Bio:

Bert is well-known to most DVOC members. He joined the club in 1995, roughly three years after his love of birding was sparked by his sighting a Western Tanager in Rocky Mountain National Park. He said, “I grabbed my binoculars and started chasing it!” And that pretty much sums up his remarkable run of birding activities in the 26 years since then. In fact, his birding motto is: “So many species, so little time!” On June 1, 2004, he completed his long-term goal of seeing at least 100 species in each of the lower 48 states. And his life list continues to grow steadily.

Bert served as Treasurer of the club for more than a decade and has won the Witmer Stone Award three times for his ornithological-historical and other writing. He has served as the editor and publisher of the Weekly Digest for many years. His exploration of DVOC history has led to his providing annual presentations on that subject for nearly the past decade, and his humorous and always very well-informed talks are memorable and much-loved. During his tenure as a member, and because of his remarkable contributions to the club, Bert has been named a Fellow of DVOC, an Honorary Member, and has been given the club’s highest honorific when he was anointed as DEVOC in 2013.

That landmark moment