Champions of the Flyway – A Youth Birder’s Experience

Champions of the Flyway - A Youth Birder's Experience

Over the past 5 years, the Champions of the Flyway competition in Eilat, Israel has been an exemplary example of the power of birders in the realm of conservation. Every March, teams from around the world descend on the Negev Desert for a 24-hour race to try to see as many species as possible in one of the world’s greatest migration hotspots. Teams are also tasked with fundraising before the event, with money raised going directly BirdLife partners in Mediterranean Basin countries to help in their fight against bird poaching, a major source of bird mortality in Eurasia. Thousands of dollars are raised, and the sums keep getting bigger and bigger every year. This spring, the first ever North American youth team, the ABA-Leica Subadult Wheatears, participated, breaking new ground in the event’s expansion to the New World.

Aidan Place was one of the three young birders involed and in November will be discussing the herculean challenges faced by migrating birds in the Mediterranean region, his experiences in Israel and during the race, and how you can get involved with this terrific conservation effort.

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