Barrie Ashby

Positions and Achievements

Fellow of the DVOC

Until recently birding was a treat enjoyed on vacations where we saw some exotics. We didn\'t realize that we were missing out on spectacular birds migrating right through Philadelphia. As Art McMorris told you, a few years ago Barrie and I observed the courtship of a pair of peregrine falcons high above the river at the top of the Ben Franklin Bridge. Art kept us involved by taking us for an up-close encounter when he banded their chicks. Keeping track of them became a daily hobby for both of us.Next we attended a DVOC meeting to hear Frank Windenfelder describe his \"year of birding in Philadelphia\" which prompted us to visit Tinicum. Now we spend hours at Tinicum most weekends glimpsing kingfishers and green herons and even a hummingbird at her nest in June. We saw our first common yellowthroat at Tinicum yesterday. In Cape May a few weeks ago a loggerhead shrike and downy woodpecker shared the same small tree. The same day we saw our first great crested flycatcher. (We are definitely beginners, but Barrie photographs the birds and we try to identify from the photos at home. We\'re awed by the knowledge of DVOC members we\'ve observed and hope we might assimilate some birding and ID skills by becoming members.