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My parents are bird lovers. As a family we kept feeders in our yard, planted vegetation that would attract birds, and searched our bird books to learn whatever birds appeared in out yard that we had not seen before. Vacations were always a time of observing the birds, with each sibling eager to be the first to observe the rare bluebird, wild turkey or a family favorite like the American White Pelican, Killdeer, or Indigo Bunting. This spring I have been volunteering as a Center City Philadelphia Peregrine Falcon observer, and had the extreme privilege of holding a chick while the PA Game Commissioner Art McMorris banded it. I bird in Center City, observing the nest boxes of birds of prey on buildings, love to visit the hummingbird garden in Fairmount Park, and Bartram’s Garden is a favorite spot as well. Favorite vacation spots include Pea Island in North Carolina with its Piping Plovers, Great Horned Owls, and Green Herons. The Big Island of Hawaii’s Nene, “The world’s rarest goose” according to Wikipedia

This comment during the May 2013 Peregrine Banding Day on the front page of the Inquirer says it all: “I fall in love with them every time I see them. The creativity of God in all these creatures is astonishing, Carpenter said. When you observe them for two to three hours, you see they have daily lives, they do things, they notice them.”