Ana Pazos

Member since: January 01, 2009

Positions and Achievements

I started birding 6 years ago in Puerto Rico, where I live. My current work is as a Senior Consultant to the pharmaceutical industry, temporarily assigned to work at a vaccines manufacturing facility in the Poconos. For the past 15 months, I have been commuting back and forth between work in the Poconos and home in Puerto Rico. I spend two weekends a month in the US.

Since starting the contract in the Poconos, I have been birding like a maniac all over the New England area and beyond. I take advantage of the weekends I stay in the US and of my flexible schedule to bird local hotspots, attending birding festivals and participate in tours. I have been on two pelagic trips with the great team of SeaLife Paulagics (I am addicted now) and just returned from a chicken chasing trip with the most excellent of tour leaders, Sir Adrian Binns.

In Puerto Rico, I am closely involved with the Sociedad Ornitologica Puertorriquena (SOPI), the only birding club on the island. ( I have been editor of the society’s newsletter, past board member and I am currently appointed the alternate representative to the NWF for the club. I have conducted monthly shore bird counts and am responsible for one of the very best CBC routes on the island. I sporadically lead trips for my close knit group of birding friends, for the very selfish reason that I like having company while birding!

I am also the founder and Executive Director of a small, home-based, limited admissions non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehab and placement of cats in Puerto Rico, the Cat Alliance, Inc. I have also become involved with cat rescue in the Poconos.

I have known about DVOC for quite some time. My interest in joining DVOC now is to meet a group of experienced birders that share my interest and passion for birds. Now, how does a joint DVOC/SOPI trip around Puerto Rico, with maybe a pelagic outing thrown in, sound for a plan?