Ann Scott

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I never met a birder until 1998. That person was Ruth Pfeffer, whose enthusiasm and ability to teach beginning birders set me on the path that became my passion. In these 9 years I am in the field as often as possible. I have birded PA, NJ and DE regularly. Also I am fortunate to have a "group of friends" who travel and bird across the U.S. My husband and I have taken birding trips to Costa Rica (3 times), Canada, Panama and western US. I lead bird walks in the Spring and Fall. Also for the last two years I have compiled at the Militia Hill Hawk Watch. I have just begun the Cornell Home Study Ornithology Course. I consider myself and intermediate birder who wants to improve my skills, but also to learn more about bird biology, habitats, and conservation. DVOC seems like the natural place to meet skilled and knowledgable birders and to continue my birding education.