Barb Elliot

Member since: January 01, 2015

Positions and Achievements

I began birding in the mid-1990s after taking two adult education birding courses with Skip Conant. I bird a lot in my own backyard and neighborhood, but also enjoy birding at Heinz Refuge, Cape May, in Central Pennsylvania, and at Magee Marsh in Ohio in the spring. I am an eBirder and have been a volunteer for the Pennsylvania Breeding Bird Atlas and Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology's Project Feeder Watch. I also enjoy photographing birds and other wildlife, especially in my own yard, which is certified as a Wildlife Habitat, a Polinator Habitat, and a Monarch Waystation.

In 2002, with Edie Parnum, I co-founded Backyards for Nature, a program of Valley Forge Audubon Society intended to inspire and teach others to create habitats on their own properties that welcome birds and other wildlife. Besides giving presentations to local nature groups we have a blog at to celebrate nature in our yards, and a website at valleyforge that has a number of resources related to creating habitat for birds and our native fauna.