Brian Logan

Positions and Achievements

Life Member

Brian grew up in a birdwatching household in northeast Philadelphia. He was inspired by his father Ronald Logan and fellow DVOC’ers Bob Sehl, Al Kronschnabel, Al Brady, Ernie Choate, Dick Bell, Harold Jackson, and many other birders of that era. His childhood was spent traveling the east coast watching birds in such places as Cape May Pt, New Jersey, and Hawk Mountain, Pennsylvania. His passion for birds led him to pursue university studies in wildlife biology earning a BS in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences from the University of Arizona and a MS from the University of Montana. Brian’s professional interest in birds has taken many forms – from working at Ramsey Canyon Nature Preserve in SE AZ, to leading birdwatching tours in Arizona, Southern California, Sonora, and the Northern Rockies Mountains, and also conducting field studies in Arizona, Wyoming, Montana, Alaska, and Alberta, Canada and Sonora, Mexico. For the past 15 years Brian has worked for the United States Forest Service (USFS) as a wildlife biologist which has given him the opportunity to study birds throughout the western US and Alaska. Brian currently serves as the USFS National Wildlife Program Leader in Washington DC.