Brian Quindlen

Member since: January 01, 2013

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Council: 2019, 2020, 2021

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Brian "BQ" Quindlen is an avid birder, photographer, digiscoper, and educator from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a Pennsylvania state certified K-6 elementary school teacher and K-12 environmental educator, BQ connects students with nature as a 5th grade teacher. Outside of the classroom, BQ enjoys connecting people with nature almost as much as he loves birding itself! He is the leader of the GV Trailblazers nature program, an environmental education club and summer camp that takes students birding. Also, BQ has worked for over 15 years with the YMCA Earth Service Corps, an environmental service learning and leadership program for middle school and high school students. Students in YMCA Earth Service Corps competed in the World Series of Birding fifteen times, and BQ was either a competitor or a coach for the Y's decorated youth teams. Finally, BQ keeps a Vlog on Instagram of birding adventures: @BirdingwithBQ


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