Bull Gervasi

Member since: May 12, 2019

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Hello! I'm almost embarrassed it's taken me this long to join. I've always been interested in nature, growing up close to the Pine Barrens; going "lizard hunting" with my father on weekends and fishing with my grandfather on the Tuckahoe River. I've travelled all over the world with the one and only Tony Croasdale. It was traveling with Tony and him putting binoculars in my hands that opened my eyes to a new world of wildlife that was just out of view. Between those experiences and working in Maine as a seaweed harvester and seeing cormorants on the rocks with their wings open in the sun that pushed me over the edge into birding. I have several close friends in the DVOC and have actually been on the WSB- Ridin Birdy team for several years. I live and work in Philly and have a shack in the Pine Barrens that I spend as much time at as possible. I worked in natural foods for about 25 years and have recently shifted to working as an electrician and with solar. Fun Fact- I also worked in the Changing Exhibits Dept at the Academy many years ago.