Calvin Keeys


Member since: March 06, 2022


I am currently a freshman at Drexel University studying Environmental Science so that I can become a wildlife biologist and focus on wildlife conservation, endangered animals and the inclusion of the underrepresented in this field. This is an interest that I have had since I was about five years old when I started reading books and watching TV shows on PBS, National Geographic, Animal Planet, etc. I also learned about science from my father, a science teacher, as well as the works of George Washington Carter, Stephen Hillenburg, David Attenborough, and the Kratt Brothers.

I started birding in 11th grade when one of the art teachers told me about a Young Birders group with members based mainly in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I was added to their WhatsApp group where I was able to get to know the members, learn how to draw birds, and go on bird watches with them to places such as the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge and Morris Arboretum. I have also participated in the banding of spring migration birds and saw-whet owls at the Rushton Woods Preserve. Last November, I co-hosted a bird walk at the John Heinz Refuge with the Feminist Bird Club Philadelphia Chapter.