Chris Walters

Positions and Achievements

President: 2007, 2006
Vice President: 2005, 2004
Secretary: 2003, 2002

Fellow of the DVOC
Honorary Member
Life Member

One spring day a man and his wife came upon a birder, on his knees in wet grass at Haverford College, looking under a bush. Looking for a skulking warbler. They laughed, and finally said to me: “Fella, people like you belong in the DVOC” . . . . I’d never heard of DVOC before, but I soon joined. That was 1978. Things have been more fun ever since. Most of my birding has been in North America – favorite areas like coastal Maine in summer, and Montauk or Florida in winter. While Alaska, the Chiricahua Mountains, or Trinidad and Tobago are certainly top destinations, the greatest fun of all may be birding in New Jersey on the World Series weekend. Planning and executing a route approaching 200 species in one spring day or weekend, filled with night sounds, dawn chorus and the laughs of friends, is pretty hard to beat.


Bob Billings Award
Youth Birding Committee