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I'm a casual birder who became interested in bird watching accidentally. As I was enjoying a perfect June day in my garden about 5 years ago, a curious hummingbird paid me a chance visit, hovering close enough to my face that I felt the breeze from its tiny wing beats. Once I recovered from the surprise visit, I immediately began my mission to learn more about these little jewels, and how to create a habitat for them. How was I to know that I had just happened upon an interest that would have a major effect in my life? First it was just "backyard bird watching," which quickly graduated to visits to Hawk Mountain (had no idea what they were, but they were big and easy to see!), Cape May, and local places of interest - (Pennypack Trust is closest to me.) Then the terrible event that beckoned me to get involved...the Athos oil spill on Nov 26th, 2004. I contacted Tri-state Bird Rescue to find out how I could help during the cleanup of this terrible disaster to wildlife. I became involved as a volunteer and continued with the clinic after the oiled birds were rehabilitated and released. As a volunteer, I became alarmed by the lack of environmental awareness in the general population and in our children's schools. I made a commitment to helping children learn the importance of varied habitats, the wildlife they support, and what they can do to ensure the many species have places to call home for years to come. Birds and their behavior teach us so much about our environment, leading me to explore birding on a different level. During 2005, I participated in a number of workshops and field trips with Cape May Bird Observatory; many led by Pat Sutton, whose enthusiasm and love for the natural world is contagious! In my travels I've met a number of DVOC members who have recommended this club to me.


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