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I began to bird watch about 15 years ago. I have always had a love of nature and environmental studies and bird watching was a natural progression of that interest. During my travels to Florida, Australia, New Zealand and Newfoundland, I became interested in birds beasuse of the fantastic birds I encountered in these areas. In spite of the great birds I saw, I really did not know very much about bird watching to fully appreciate what I was seeing. however, when my coworker and good friend introduced me to good optics, a good bird guide and warblers, I was hooked. I now bird watch with my partner Linda who is a better birder and helps me improve my skills. Locally, I enjoy bird watching at Pennypack Watershed, Lorimer Park, and Pennypack Park. I also frequent Cape May becasue we recently bought property in the Villas, NJ. The beach along Delaware Bay in the Villas is excellent for shorebirds. The most exciting thing I did was volunteer for the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey, I participated in the banding of endangered red knots for research as they were migrating along the coast of the Delaware Bay and feeding on the horseshoe crab eggs. I am a natural "science nerd" as a professor at Salus University and Optometrist for The Eye Institute. My first meeting at DVOC was terrific and I learned a lot about Puffins which I got to see in Newfoundland. Members Linda Widdop and Art McMorris recommended that I join. Thus I would love to be a member of your organization to learn more about birding and to meet more people like me who love birds and are concerned about saving wildlife.