Connie Goldman

Positions and Achievements

Council: 2013, 2012, 2011, 2008, 2007, 2006

Fellow of the DVOC

Life Member

In Owl’s Head Maine in 1982, a family of lemon yellow birds with black on forehead and wings captured my attention. Not knowing the American Goldfinch, or very many other birds, I was stunned to find that I could attract this same species to my own backyard at home in Pennsylvania! I began walking the footpaths and horse trails in neighborhood parks, getting many life sightings, and becoming more and more amazed at my local birdlife.
In more recent years I have delved into birding wholeheartedly, seeking out broader field experiences and mentors. Ruth Pfeffer’s trips and willingness to teach have expanded my knowledge greatly. I also began watching hawks, and volunteer as compiler at the Militia Hill Hawk Watch. Chuck Hetzel taught me to listen to bird song, introduced me to new birding areas, and invited me to join DVOC! My first trip with the club had me sighting my life Razorbill off Montauk Point, following the eye of Adrian Binns. I also volunteer in the Ornithology Department at the Academy of Natural Sciences, preparing study skins with Nate Rice, collection manager. This gives me the chance to contribute to ornithological science while learning about avian biology and structure. My foremost goal is to improve my field identification skills, a challenge made easier with DVOC friends like Bert Filemyr, and others, who teach and encourage me so much. I plan to continue learning about bird life and behavior, bird more states and countries, and continue making friends and connections among others who enjoy birds and the natural world.