Darrell Middleton

Member since: January 01, 2009

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My present level of activity consists of noting the birds immediately outside my rural home, in the nearby fields, or as best I can in the canopy of our 75 foot loblolly pines. As a young man, I spent a good part of my time roaming in the area covered in my recent booklet “Notes on West Deptford Township,” which was originally a grant to John Ladd, by Wm Penn, but is now the location of a refinery. Mu longtime interest in birds has never flagged, and I recall with great pleasure some prized sightings. Ed Manners and Will Middleton took me along a couple of times, and those events became a start for my lifelong interest in birds. If birding was restricted to recording numbers and species, I could not have enjoyed my years of serious interest in the opportunities afforded me. Even now, in reverie of recollection, I find that the birds I saw, where and when, highlight many pleasant memories of an active and varied life. This long delayed application for membership in the DVOC may prove to be a continuation of my pleasure, if only vicariously.” (booklet link given – http://heywood.home.mchsi.com/ )