Debbie Beer

Sexing Bald Eagles Ornithological Study - 2/7/08

Positions and Achievements

Council: 2010, 2009, 2008

Fellow of the DVOC

Life Member

My first birding trip was to Bombay Hook NWR in 1999, led by Tom Reeves. I was instantly hooked, and birding surpassed hiking as my weekend hobby. Mentored patiently by Edie Parnum, birding has become my passion, as my skills improve each season, and the circle of locales widens. I participate annually in the Christmas Bird Count for Valley Forge Audubon Society and assist Edie in gathering data for the PA Breeding Bird Atlas. I bird locally at Tinicum NWR, Roosevelt Park, Ridley Creek and Okehocking Preserve. I also enjoy trips to Cape May, Montauk-Long Island, New England, Brigantine, Island Beach State Park and North Shore New Jersey. My life list is slowly expanding with more far reaching travels, including South Florida and the Dry Tortugas. In my rare spare time, I like to read, play with my dog, and do more birding.


Youth Birding Committee