Denis Brennan

Member since: January 01, 2000

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In the early 1990's I found out that there were guided bird walks at the John Heinz NWR at Tinicum. I went on the walks casually for several years and in the spring of 1997 I became serious about birding. I rarely missed a walk at the Heinz refuge and learned from a dozen knowledgeable birders. In 1998 three of the walk leaders had to relocate outside of the Philadelphia area. Tom Reeves talked me into to becoming one of the bird walk leaders and Doris McGovern also encouraged me to do walks and to attend DVOC meetings. In 1999 I went to several meetings and really enjoyed them. Edie Parnum and Ron French mentioned to me that if I ever wanted to become a member that they would write a letter for me. A few weeks later I talked to Edie and Ron and became a member in 2000.