Ethan Kang

Member since: February 07, 2022


At a very young age, I'd take my brother's Bird Field Guide and read it, thinking how fascinating they are, but never thinking to look for them. Sure, I'd see a few robins hopping around in the yard, a flyover gaggle or a few Canada Geese, but I never paid too close attention. In the Spring of 2021 by something completely unrelated, I decided to try and make a mini-documentary about nature in my backyard. The one section I edited was about a Song Sparrow (which I didn't know the name of) singing from the top of a tree, yet still hidden among the foliage. I was amazed by how such a small bird was able to sing so vocally. However, the bird which I credit for getting me into birding would be the Grey Catbird. Their adorable little cap and lovely "meow" make them arguably my favourite bird. The first time I saw one was when I put some oats out, following an article I read. The same day, a curious catbird showed up and ate some. Two days later, another catbird unfortunately hit my window. I honoured it with a stone and a newfound passion to protect the birds. Currently, I regularly bird in my backyard, John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge, and other places in the tri-state area whenever I get the chance.