Jack Beltz

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My dad and I started birding on our own in 2007 when I was 12 years old. We did not know much but we had fun getting out in the woods. My first DVOC trip was to Predricktown and Mannington Marsh, NJ in March 2008 and was lead by a remarkable birder and teacher, Frank Windfelder. Since then I've been on many DVOC trips - Cape May, Forsythe NWR, Palmyra Cove, Barnegat Light, Bombay Hook, Camp Susquehannock and many more. On these trips I've learned from many great DVOC birders like Frank, Steve Kacir, Martin Selzer, Jane Henderson, Win Shafer, and Cindy Ahern to name just a few. Other birding highlights include a trip to Costa Rica with my school (Germantown Academy) and volunteering at the the Academy of Natural Sciences helping to manage the vast ornithological specimen collection under the direction of Dr. Nate Rice. In June of 2012 I received a scholarship from the Wyncote Audubon Society to participate in the National Audubon Society's Coastal main Bird Studies for Teens; an intensive 6 day seabird conservation study on Hog Island ME led by Scott Weidensaul and Steve Kress. A highlight of this trip was observing nesting puffins, terns and guillemots up close while hiding in a bird blind on Eastern Egg Rock during the breeding season. I love birding and field research and look forward to studying environmental biology and natural sciences in college.