Jack Mahon

Positions and Achievements

In 1970, after a few weeks of living next to a drive-in theater, my wife, a native of Michigan, declared New Jersey to be a pretty ugly place. I had to disprove that, so we began weekend trips and camping in the pine barrens. One trip brought us to Brigantine NWR. Although overmatched without binoculars and a field guide, we returned, better equipped, and began something that’s continued to the present.

Around 1980 I was introduced to Christmas Bird Counts [I now do five]; then followed a midwinter raptor census [now the compiler]; eagle survey [now coordinate volunteers in two counties]; Breeding Bird Surveys [two]; and have been doing spring/summer surveys for NJ Audubon since 2007.

I’m vice-president of Salem County [NJ] Nature Club, Inc., and maintain a website http://www.salemcountybirding.org devoted to some of those local population studies.