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Jan and Bob have been enjoying birding experiences for over 30 years throughout the United States and other regions. We live in the New Jersey Pinelands in Southampton near Vincentown in a nicely forested wetland area populated with numerous beautiful American Holly. Among our first birding experiences when we moved to New Jersey were many enjoyable introductions to local birding areas with Ward Dasey.

After over a decade of landscape restoration of our yard we have reached our goal of creating a natural Pinelands native plant community to attract birds and other species, similar to Don Jones’ yard up the street. We enjoy watching migrating birds, and as I write this on a bright late October day a couple of Hermit Thrush are foraging and calling in the backyard understory we planted and nurtured. The yard has offered over 154 bird and 8 snake species to date! Our latest discovery was a family of Southern Flying Squirrel in one of our birdhouses. If anyone is interested in the Pinelands ecosystem restoration process we used we would be happy to provide information on establishing and maintaining plant communities here in the wonderful New Jersey Pinelands and we look forward to many more years of enjoying the birds of New Jersey’s Pinelands region.

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