Jeff Dale

Member since: January 21, 2017

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I've always been interested in birds and knew birders. But it was not until my 50th birthday that I decided to seriously take it up. I'm now fully hooked and love every opportunity I get to hike with binocs and camera. Locally, I bird in Evansburg SP, Norristown Farm Park, Hawk Mountain, Green Lane, Crows Nest Preserve and John Heinz NWR. I really like to make birding a real venture and have been on 3 pelagic trips with Sea Life Paulagics. I've traveled to SE Arizona, Red Rocks, NV, Lower Rio Grand Valley TX, Muir Woods CA to seek out several species. I am an avid fan of Ebird, and must say that website has taught me so much and allowed me to find way more species than I could possible do on my own. But I find the best time birding is learning from others when hiking the trails or gathering at a stake-out. I will begin my fourth year of birding in February 2017. I hope some day to see most if not all the North American birds on the ABA checklist.