Katrina Rakowski

Member since: May 01, 2015

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Council: 2020, 2021, 2022

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Artist, teacher, life long aviphile. When I was just three years old, my sister's canary seized my imagination, and never turned back. One of my earliest memories is trying to hatch more canaries from chicken eggs in the fridge. Its a silly story! In middle school I stopped drawing birds out of frustration for not being able to render their beauty equal to the way I perceived them; though I did continue to engage with them in other ways. I kept a flock of Zebra finches for years, "banded" a Wood Thrush who'd been caught indoors using a link from a silver necklace, and I volunteered for several raptor rescue centers. In April 2015 I went on my first Bird Philly walk in Wister Woods and on that day, everything changed. With the the wild, inspired, transient songs of the Wood Thrush as my anthem, I found inspiration in the community of birders and have been drawing dozens of birds ever since. My art lessons are also transforming to surround ideas of art materials and practices with themes drawn from the natural sciences, conservation, and of course... birds!


Youth Birding Committee