Ken Walsh

Member since: January 01, 2013

Positions and Achievements

I began birding in the late 1960s inspired one day to see and identify a chestnut-sided and a magnolia warbler. I took ornithology at Rutgers in the 1980s and birded on and off for years. In recent years, I've done national Big Years, usually seeing more than 500 species each year, enjoying the extreme variety of species seen year after year while enjoying new friendships from across the country.

I've participated in several World Series of Birding events, even winning with 1000birds one year, with plans to continue in the future. Our antics in the WSB were captured in Audubon magazine in 2018 and by HBO Real Sports in July 2022, both which were a lot of fun.

Though I've spent years doing often intense bird listing events, most of my birding is low-key, relaxed birding, enjoying the 'zen aspects' of birding where I simply meditatively enjoy spending time with birds in nature wherever I happen to be.